Leave Your Life

"I once asked my father to record his history …His first reaction was, 'No one will be interested in my life.'  After some convincing, however, he agreed to record his memories for his posterity. He sat down at the kitchen table with a cassette tape recorder in hand, and began talking.  Dad's memory opened up, and stories flooded his mind: the childhood pranks he played on friends ... his pet dog, Brisk, that took him sledding in the Idaho snow ... the rock house he helped his father build, which survived the Teton flood.  When he finished, my father had created a priceless record for me and his entire family.  What began as a perceived “chore” turned into a hobby, and brought a great lift to his spirits during a time of declining health.  I'm so grateful every day for the 'life' he left."

~ Doug Jacobs, founder, Leave Your Legacy