Leave Your Love

There is no greater gift a family can receive than the unfading wisdom of one they have so dearly loved.

Your inheritance may be important to your children, but your wisdom is much more valuable. Years after you are gone, and the money is spent, your counsel will remain.

Now is the time to endow your posterity with your loving guidance. Praise the honor they have brought to your name, or patch up the pain, if needed. Enrich their lives with the insight you have gained over a lifetime.

Your family wants to know that you love them. Give them a legacy they will draw from for the rest of their lives. 

If you recognize the importance of providing a beacon of guiding light for your loved ones, please watch our six-minute video, provided by Doug Jacobs. Then feel free to watch the public class he gives, showing how he put his record together, using the Leave Your Legacy tutorial program. This may be some of the best time you will have spent for your family in a long, long time, as you discover how rewarding it can be to Leave Your Legacy!