Important Notice  -- Please Read Carefully

Thank you for your interest in the Leave Your Legacy personal testament program. As is explained in this material the program provides a step-by-step tutorial, enabling you to construct a three-part book, where you entertain your loved ones with your life stories, inspire them with a statement of your values, and motivate them with personal counsel derived from those values. For a number of years this program has been offered through the sale of DVDs. However in 2015 I decided to convert it all to be done through our website. This enabled me to stay current with changes in Microsoft Word and other issues without having to re-record a new disk each time. So in February, 2017, I intended to launch it through this website.

Unfortunately I ran into a snag, when I was diagnosed that month with a very aggressive form of lymphoma (cancer).  For the next six months, I underwent eight week-long, 24-hour chemotherapy cycles, finally finishing them the first week of August.  I am happy and grateful to report that I was blessed with a treatment that appears to have been successful, as the last three scans have revealed no return of the cancer.

Several people had advised me, after this encounter, to drop the Leave Your Legacy effort and just focus on getting better.  However, I soon realized that it wasn't that easy to do.  So many times, while I worked on this program, I received inspirational insights that I felt were very important to share. So I'm putting this out for you to use.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide the kind of ongoing support that I initially planned on. So I have decided to make this program available, at no charge.  At this point, it appears to be free of any glitches.  But I can't guarantee that there won't be issues in the future, and I can't promise to be able to devote the time and effort in keeping up with changes that could come with future versions of MS-Word -- especially given the fact the Leave Your Legacy users may be using different Word versions themselves.

I don't anticipate you will need any more help than is currently available.  However, should you experience a problem, you may contact me by email at info@leaveyourlegacy.com, and I will make an effort to answer your concern, assuming no additional health issues arise.  Please be specific regarding the concern you have.  It would also be helpful if you would provide me your telephone number, in case I need to contact you.  So I leave this program with you, feeling confident that you will find it completely helpful as you work on your personal testament.

Finally, if you do decide to use another means to write your Legacy, may I recommend that you take some time to first watch all the tutorial videos (not necessarily the explanatory videos).  There are many inspirational thoughts brought out in those videos, especially in Parts 3 & 4, which I am sure you'll want to incorporate in your own record.  Several of those thoughts are what kept me going when the health challenges arose, and I feel certain that, given in your own way, they will also inspire and motivate you, your family and posterity.  Please feel free to download and print any of the hardcopies available.

I wish you well as you embark in this most worthwhile endeavor. I feel certain that it will be a joyful and rewarding experience for you, as it has been for me.  To begin, simply click on the Register Now button belowYou'll be taken to a simple form to fill in.  We will then receive your registration and accept you as a subscriber.  Once that is done, simply open the Leave Your Legacy website again, provide your information, and click on the link labeled Tutorials.

Warmest wishes,

Doug Jacobs, President and Founder

Leave Your Legacy, LLC

PS.  My only desire, financially, with this program, is to have sufficient means to keep the website up and running.  If you feel that this has been an uplifting benefit for you and your loved ones, and would like to make a donation (no obligation), you may send a check, payable to Leave Your Legacy at:

Leave Your Legacy, LLC

2050 West Canyon View Drive, #230

St. George, Utah 84770

Thank you

PPS.  Please make sure to notify us, by email at info@leaveyourlegacy.com, if you change your email address.  We obviously want to keep our list of users current, so if we discover that an email address is no longer valid, the subscriber's name will be removed.