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The video, provided by Doug Jacobs, is not yet loaded.  However, the transcript for it is shown below.  Feel free to read it in order to understand the focus of Leave Your Legacy.  Once the video it ready, it will be placed in this spot.


Thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Doug Jacobs, president and founder of Leave Your Legacy.  We’re delighted to have you here, and feel confident that if you take the time to view what we have to offer, it will have a profound impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

During the course of my life, which now covers around seven decades, I have witnessed some awesome inventions and discoveries.  Among them have been the growth of television, jet air travel, space technology, cell phones, calculators, Xerox and fax machines, computers, and the Internet.  I’ve seen medical cures from dreaded diseases, such as polio.  The list goes on.  It’s a wonderful time we live in; we are healthier and wealthier than we have ever been before.  Thanks to the personal freedom granted us in our land, we can pursue our dreams where not even the sky is the limit.

Unfortunately, however, this great growth of technology has also come with an enormous price tag.  Our unbridled freedom has not only substantially increased our standard of living; it has also dramatically eroded our standard of life.  The safety of our schools is now questionable, few communities are so crime-free that its citizens can feel safe going for a walk at night.  Predators stalk our children, to the point that many of us fear to leave them unattended for even a brief moment.  Drugs have infiltrated even our smallest communities, and one-half of all marriages end in divorce, causing an even greater strain on the youthful victims caught in the cross-fire.  Our theaters and Internet sites are often filled with filth, luring millions of our citizens into their despicable traps.  Left behind is the destruction of countless families and the loss of numerous lives.

Regrettably, many unprincipled judges today have interpreted, under the guise of free speech, that this erosion of values is protected by our Constitution … an interpretation that was probably never intended by those who originally drafted it. 

As I’ve witnessed this moral decay, I’ve sadly come to realize that there will likely be no solution found through the institutions that supported us in my generation.  Indeed, many of today’s schools, governments, and courts seem to have become "disciples" of the unwholesome beliefs and practices of our time.

In order, therefore, to again provide our children with a safe and decent environment, there must be a return of the values that I knew when I was young, and that our American institutions, at that time, embraced.  It appears, however, that it can now only happen through the family, where good parents and grandparents work to protect and preserve the integrity of their posterity.  If they do not, I believe that our society will become even more polluted with each passing decade.  It is, consequently, for this purpose that we have put this website together.  Leave Your Legacy teaches you how to construct a book, revealing your life, your values, and your wisdom. 

Your book is divided into three parts.  The first segment, Leave Your Life, is constructed to entertain.  We’ve all had many interesting and humorous experiences during our lives, that will provide hours of enjoyable reading as your children and grandchildren are amazed that you could have lived “way back then.”  My parents did this for me, and those books are among my most valued possessions.

I’ve come to realize that life is a school; and from my experiences, I have been taught many valuable principles.  Therefore, in the second segment of your book, Leave Your Learning, you’ll discuss a number of important values that you learned in your life.  The list will obviously not be complete, but the ones you focus on, such as honesty, obedience, faith, and patriotism, for example, can be supported by experiences that you had then.  Hopefully, these principles will inspire your posterity to adopt them as well. I firmly believe that their lives will be much safer and happier if they do.

From those values, you will construct the third part of your book, Leave Your Love, with a personal letter of counsel to your family members, who are here now, and who will come in future generations.  The desire, with this segment, is to motivate, for inspiration has no personal worth unless it is embraced.

I don’t know what society will be like a generation from now, but the erosion of values has me disturbed and concerned.  I therefore believe, that, as families and friends, we must do what we can to help our loved ones, generationally, to honor those enduring values that will bring them true happiness.  With every fiber of my being, I implore you as parents and grandparents, to leave your children a legacy that they will admire and honor.  No one cares for children more than parents do, and no one is respected more by children than parents who love them.

As parents, we’ve been entrusted with children who will have children.  They, in turn, will have children of their own.  Your book will bless countless lives in the future.  If you’re also concerned about their future in an environment of eroding values, we encourage you to watch the Leave Your Legacy class, which shows you how to put your book together.  Then go to the Tutorials link and do the same for yourself.  This cost is also free. 

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.