A proven system to organize & create your story & values to inspire & motivate your posterity

Are you disturbed by the erosion of traditional family values over the past several decades? Do you think the governments, courts, and schools will return to support them anytime soon? It is our feeling that these values are important for our children, grandchildren, and posterity, and that the family is necessary to instill and preserve them for the generations that lie ahead. If you agree, we invite you to Leave Your Legacy, a personal testament that can entertain, inspire, and motivate your loved ones to embrace those values into the future.

How it works

Sign Up! We provide a step-by-step process for you to construct your personal testament. Gain Access! Video Tutorials and Downloads will guide you through the process of constructing your Legacy. Enjoy! Learn at your own pace, with Microsoft Word 2007 or higher (Windows version), to Leave Your Legacy.

Leave Your Legacy

Because leaving your memory is not enough … Leave Your Legacy. The mission of Leave Your Legacy, Inc. is to promote the preservation and perpetuation of traditional family values and moral character, typified by earlier generations. This will be accomplished by enabling people to compile their own personal testament, which will encompass their life, learning, and love.