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For years, the Leave Your Legacy tutorial software was provided through the sale of a DVD, which gave step-by-step instructions to compile a personal testament.  This testament was a three-part book containing one’s memories, values, and counsel.  Normally, people using this program had attended a free two-hour class, where Doug Jacobs used the steps from the tutorial program and constructed the book on screen.

On many occasions, class attendees asked Doug if he could go to other parts of the country to give his presentation.  Since such a request was not very cost-effective, he instead put the class together on another DVD, and made it available to interested parties.

Now that the tutorial program is available on this website, the class is also placed here.  It is also free of charge, and you may watch any or all of it.  To see it all will take approximately two hours.  However, you can watch a part, then come back to it later, if desired.  Just keep track of the position of your slide on the timeline of the Section you are watching.

It can be frustrating, watching this class, if you decide to skip around, rather than going through each Section to its end.  By doing so, the audio will continue to play in both Sections.  To make it play only on the Section you desire, reopen the Section you no longer wish to listen to and scroll to the end, so the audio will conclude.  This problem will not occur, however, if you are using the program with its Tutorials, rather than watching the class.